• Car Warranty!

    When a car buyer purchases a new car, the new buyer gets a warranty through which he or she is covered for a specific period of time and mileage, whichever is achieved first. The car manufacturer provide car warranty but the warranty varies from brand to brand; though, you can easily acquire extended vehicle warranties.

    1. What is Car Warranty?

    A car warranty is a written guarantee which states that, in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of your car during the period of the covered warranty contract, you will be financially assisted to cover the cost.

    A car warranty however is valid for a specific period of time, depending on the state of the car. Usually brand new car are covered for 3 years or 120000km and used cars normally are covered for 3 months or 5000km warranty.

    2. What happens after the warranty period is finished.

    When your vehicle has reached the warranty period, the car manufacturer is no longer liable for any mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of your car. However you can sign up for an Extended Warranty with either the manufacturer or other service providers. Do a research on the best suitable option for you looking at the affordability of the cover and which parts are covered on the subscription.